Jaabu’s founder, King Luck, is the owner of The Practice Central, the Midwestern branch of The Practice Worldwide. This award-winning global music production and publishing company was founded by music innovator Ali Dee Theodore. Headquartered in New York City, the Practice specializes in custom music creation, distribution and licensing for film, television, advertising, and the development of artists and brands.

INDISTRY is a first-of-its kind interactive streaming platform that celebrates and develops emerging artists in film and music while allowing our audience to come together to shape the direction of the content they consume.  Through our platform and live events, INDISTRY fosters a creative community where users, creators, and brands can interact in a unique ecosystem celebrating creativity in film, fashion, music, and more.  

Championing the work of emerging talent in TV, film and music, we use our interactive entertainment platform to support them by way of distributing their work, live events, marketing and exposure, as well as access to our brand partners for collaboration.   We also work with celebrities who share our vision and want to entertain their fans; but more importantly, those who are using their influence to make a positive social impact in today’s world.

INDISTRY’s unique interactive technology allows users to not only watch content, but shop what they see on their screen, socialize and engage with it.  If a video has a hotspot, click it to engage.  Love discovering new music?  Check out our Emerging Artist Channels or Music Video channel, then click on the hotspot to go directly to Spotify or Apple iTunes to stream the artist’s full album.  Love fashion?  Buy an item the artist is wearing right on the music video!  Simple, fun and all on one device!