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Jaabu Music is a multidisciplinary creative production studio founded in Chicago. Our vision is to serve as an independent incubator for unique artists who have what it takes to make a lasting impact within music, culture, fashion and technology. We believe in using authenticity and co-creation to build an environment around creatives that maximizes opportunities for their specific sound and brand. Our team is reshaping the landscape of sound through exploring the intersection of regional and international sounds, and identifying strategic partnerships that don’t compromise the artistic integrity of our creatives.

The external services provided by our company include:

Creative Consulting

  • Career or project focus

  • Artistic vision – creation or enhancement

  • Demo/master preparation and support

  • Record label/music industry sell in support

  • Introduction to lawyers, managers, producers, investors

  • A&R Expertise/Executive Production 

  • Creative Director Referrals


  • License Opportunities

  • Image/Brand creation  

  • Project Financing 

  • Management Referrals 

  •  Team Development 

  • Creative Direction Referrals